Do you have it in you?

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Is your personality right for real estate?

Successful agents all have one thing in common: the aptitude to manage the entrepreneurial nature of real estate careers! Take this 8-minute test to see a snapshot of how you compare.

Personality Assessment
"I did not believe that I could be good in sales until I took this assessment test. Today I am one of the most successful agent at Coldwell Banker."
- Akansha Dogra -
"I cannot believe how easy it was to move into real estate with Coldwell Banker. I am so happy I made this choice. Now I am independent."
- Raj Oberoi -

See if Real Estate is right for you.

Reached a cross roads in your career and wonder if real estate might be a good choice for you? Take this 20-minute test and see how you perform in a day-in-the-life of a real estate agent.

Sales Skills Assessment

Are you ready for the future of real estate?

Building a successful real estate career involves evolving your skills to assist today's consumers with the reality of a transaction management in a difficult market. Take this 25-minute test to learn what those challenges are and how best to adapt.

Real Estate Knowledge Assessment
“Coldwell Banker helped researching, finding, and financing dream homes of all my clients with such convenience. Yes future is here.”
- Diana Hayden -

So, do you have it in you?
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As an agent, you support and assist home buyers on a one-on-one basis and guide them with your local area expertise and training.


As a Franchise, you and your team of Real Estate experts use your insights and expertise in helping home-buyers find a home that meets their expectations.

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